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cross-discipline, industry-led ideation to commercialisation

aligning deep tech to business strategy while incubating ideas in a containerised environment.

A containerised environment for Industry, working on PoC projects while providing an opportunity for new talent to work with industry on projects under the supervision of experienced specialist mentors, providing exposure to best practice tools and vital practical experience and the chance to hone their skills on ‘real world’ projects.

What we do

The incubatorTANK is an INNOVATION as a SERVICE platform created by industry that exposes industry to best practice tools and procedures while bringing ideas to life. Through this unique containerised model of each incubatorTANK only working on less than 5 projects at any one time, the incubatorTANK is disciplined and able to bring ideas to life at speed. Contact us if you feel you are in a collaborative organisation and would like to collaborate and be the next project in the incubatorTANK.

New Talent

  • Amplify your technological & entrepreneurial skills
  • Begin your professional journey with industry & business exposure
  • Maximize your potential and 10x your value to future employers


  • Be part of the proving ground for the products that disrupt your industry
  • Equip you and your staff with cutting-edge technologies and the skill sets to succeed in the digital age
  • Gain investment opportunities in the PoC projects as an industry investor



  • Provide a focused and targeted industry experience for your students
  • Expose students to the future technologies and soft skills that are beyond their coursework
  • Expose students and academics to industry problems and pain points

Incubating Ideas and Talent to commercialise and hatch together

Our Focus


The first casualty of failure is the truth. When systems fail, revealing the truth is always difficult (and expensive). This is where the revolutionary Blockchain technology can be best utilised. Blockchain can be used to ensure transparency and accountability between agents, removing the need for potentially expensive litigation to resolve problems

Internet of Things

The future of connected devices is an extensive and ever-growing field. The concept of digital twinning is built out in reality, through an array of devices,  sensors and wireless technologies entering the market. Harnessing these technologies can make our cities and businesses “Smart” 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a vastly expanding territory that is set to change the way the world works.

From robotics to speech recognition, to computer vision systems and facial recognition, AI techniques allow the system to learn as they acquire data, enhancing the ability to make intelligent decisions

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