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Then and Now


2019 Incubatees Selected

Our cohort of technical students are selected! We are excited to introduce them to the team next week

Lectures Series launched!

This year we expose students to a curated, industry-led lecture series as part of their university degree, branded under the IncubatorPOND

Construction Innovation Workshop

Over the course of the day we covered a series of workshops, presentations and breakout sessions between academia & industry. The hot topics today focused around waste management & chain of responsibilities

Tony Begins Bridging the Green Gap

 Over a series of industry projects, Tony begins to expose students to a series of practical experiences that are otherwise missing from their education. 

Tony Innovates YNOT

YNOT technologies leads the industry in moving to a flat fee service model, providing proactive round-the-clock monitoring and support versus a traditional responsive IT service.

Tony Joins Engineering Advisory Board

Tony joined the University of Newcastle’s Engineering Faculty Industry Advisory Board, creating the link between university students and industry across the Hunter Region.

Tony Establishes YNOT

Tony establishes YNOT Technologies, a company that stems to service organisations as a virtual IT department. YNOT offers ‘technology as a service’, and was established to help organisations thrive without the costly need for an internal IT department.